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  • Platform

    When man and machine work together safely and seamlessly, it also opens up new possibilities for the working environment. The flexible APAS workstation offer a common workspace for man and machine – oriented on the needs of the operator: innovative features deliver a unique user experience, together with excellent and attractive working conditions.


    • Multifunction pillar
    • Automatic workstation configuration
    • Seat
    • Ergonomic foot mat
    • Beamer projection
      (e.g. for step-by-step guidance on work steps)
    • Beverage bottle holder
    • Modular working surface
    • Interaction concept
    • Cordless screwdriver
    • Dust cover

  • Application

    Bosch Feuerbach

    The assembly of turbocharger components in Stuttgart-Feuerbach is a prime example of how this combination works in practice: the APAS assistant gathers the individual parts, which are subsequently assembled by the employees.

  • Technical details
    Base area 750 x 130 mm
    Height of the working surface variable (770 - 1120 mm)
    Overall height min. 2170 mm, max. 2420 mm
    Max. load on the working surface 250 kg