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Workplace of the future: APAS workstation
Innovative technologies for a unique user experience





The more varied and complex modern production processes are, the more urgently it's needed: the human touch. Supported by the precision and stamina of our production assistants, human beings remain indispensable as problem-solvers and decision-makers. With our APAS workstation we create a joint workspace for man and machine - adjusted to the user. From the very first stages of development on, we consistently orient our products on your employee's needs thereby enabling next generations to master new technologies. Intuitive concepts for interaction and control guarantee communication between man and machine at its best. Our products are easy to use without needing extensive specialist knowledge or previous experience.



So as to avoid miscommunications in the collaboration between man and machine, we’ve taught our system how to speak: thanks to innovative interaction concepts, e.g. projecting the work steps to be executed in the employee’s field of vision, even inexperienced operators can rest assured that they are performing the right tasks at the right time.


Intuitive control concepts allow our products to be safely operated without the need for extensive expertise. Tasks and processes can be easily configured using the dialog-based control surface on the mobile touchpad.


Thanks to the automatic light alert system, the operator receives real-time updates on the robot’s status. This allows them to concentrate on their own tasks without having to keep an eye on their automated “colleague.” If there is any change in the robot’s status, the color in the operator’s field of vision will automatically change.


By enhancing classical machine control systems with the addition of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, “hidden information” can also be made readily apparent. This allows faults to be detected in real-time and quickly remedied.


An ergonomic workplace is the key to higher performance, perfect quality and efficient processes. Features like automatic height adjustment, an ergonomic foot mat and optimal component configuration give your employees the freedom to individually customize their workstation and offer attractive working conditions.