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APAS assistant inline

The APAS assistant inline is displayed from an angle in front of  a white background

Safe robot for mechanical engineering

The APAS assistant inline is a kinematic robot without safety fence designed for human-robot collaboration in the Smart Factory. As automation component, it is suited for plant installation or expansion. It is thus primarily designed for system integrators and mechanical engineers, who wish to extend their scope of solutions through collaborative robotics without having to forego the familiar construction and programming environment.

A Round drawing that illustrates how the APAS assistant stops automatically when the immediate vicinity is undershot

Like all our robotic systems, the APAS assistant inline is also equipped with a comprehensive safety concept. Before a collision occurs, the APAS assistant inline stops – without any contact. Once the employee has left the immediate vicinity, the robot independently resumes its work exactly where it stopped before. This is possible thanks to our unique capacitive sensor skin, which enables the robot to identify its human colleagues before they get too close.

Equipped with more than 120 sensors, the skin enables the robot to stop automatically and without contact at a safe speed of 0.5 m/s with a secure switching distance of typical 50 mm. Hence we guarantee the safe identification of humans by our solutions at performance level d (category 3, two-channel safety). All our systems are also certified by the German employers' liability insurance association for the direct and safe human-robot collaboration.

Contact-free human-robot collaboration
APAS assistant inline

APAS assistant inline for Fanuc programmers
Equipped with a Fanuc LR Mate 200 iD / 7L, the standard version is programmed using the classic Fanuc control. In doing so, existing know-how can be used, which accelerates the entry into human-robot collaboration and simplifies the transition to the system. In addition to its robustness, the system is characterized above all by its price aptitude.

APAS assistant inline plus for PLC programmers
In this version, the robot is delivered with the Bosch Control plus platform. This is a seamless control system with a comprehensive function library as well as numerous apps and software services, that use the latest technologies. All processes can be bundled in a modern, object-oriented development environment and easily implemented in a structured manner.

APAS assistant inline for KUKA programmers
Based on KUKA Agilus, KR 10 R1100-2, the robot is programmed using the classic KUKA control. Thus, handling tasks can be implemented in no time without additional training. Especially the high load capacity and the long reach make the APAS assistant inline on KUKA basis a valuable production assistant for monotonous or ergonomically unfavorable tasks.

Usage and application

A white Icon of a robot on a circular violet background

As a collaborative robot, the APAS assistant inline requires only small space, so it is ideally suited for plant addition or expansion in the subsequent automation of existing machine systems and equipment. Transitions between individual production steps can thus be accelerated, process flows optimized and production times reduced. Since expensive safety enclosures are no longer needed, additional costs can be saved. Even in the course of machine and plant construction, the APAS assistant inline therefore represents a considerable component for efficient production planning.

Picture showing an APAS assistant inline which was integrated into a production line

Benefits APAS assistant inline

All benefits at a glance:

Flexibility in production

Space-saving automation through collaborative applications

Cost-effective optimization of existing process structures

Relief of employees

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Cost reduction by the elimination of protective fences


APAS brochure

APAS brochure

Here you will find our APAS brochure

APAS assistant brochure

APAS assistant brochure

Here you will find our brochure of the APAS assistant

CAD data APAS assistant inline

CAD data APAS assistant inline

Here you can download the CAD data for the APAS assistant inline

Download APAS assistant product overview

APAS assistant product overview

Here you will find our product overview of the APAS assistant